Review: Vicious by V. E. Schwab

Vicious by Victoria Schwab

Synopsis: This is about two friends who discover how to become EOs (ExtraOrdinaries aka people with special powers) during college. After an accident short after, one of them, Eli, decides that EOs are “unnatural” and dangerous and starts hunting them down and killing them off (oh, the irony) while the other, Victor, tries to stop him.

My thoughts:  This is not an adult novel. I don’t know who planted that rumor but it’s false. Or it’s for adults with very low expectations and who just want something quick and easy to read while waiting at the dentist’s.

It’s also, objectively, not a good book. It just isn’t. It’s predictable, the characters are flat, everything just happens too conveniently, there’s no world building whatsoever, the decisions the characters make are inexplicable, the writing style is weak (telling, not showing) and yet it’s incredibly hyped for whatever reason.

So if you plan to read it, lower your expectations. You can either be pleasantly surprised or be right.


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