Book Haul #1: April & May

 photo hyperion_zpsdf45ac0d.jpg  photo brainonfire_zpsbf2a5aec.jpg  photo marsevacuees_zps7098a39e.jpg  photo ifyoucould_zps9f2de951.jpg
 photo wickedgirls_zps1426e65b.jpg  photo steadyrunning_zps97a24be5.jpg  photo wizzardspromise_zps73a6d288.jpg  photo gracefullyinsane_zps7a355f66.jpg
 photo imagosequence_zps9a1e1911.jpg  photo stilllife_zpsba5e07f4.jpg  photo allthebirds_zpseebf3429.jpg  photo jagannath_zps62f1697b.jpg
 photo loveinthetimeofcholera_zpsd7ce4d6e.jpg  photo xvsy_zps43f54b7d.jpg  photo vanished_zps7abd000e.jpg

So many shiny new books and I’m looking forward to reading all of them. Unfortunately my TBR is already ginormous so these are going to have to wait a while.



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