#nonBTathon – The Master Post

This isn’t going well. I read about 50 pages yesterday and now I’m incredibly behind. I shouldn’t set myself unattainable goals. You’d think I’d learn after doing dozens of readathons but nope…

At least this finally arrived but of course I still have something to complain about: the font is so small! I’m throwing the 193 pages/day goal out of the window and just hope I will read at all for the rest of the week. By the way, I dropped Fated, too average.

Decided to ditch Timebound and listen to Fated instead. I tried about six minutes of Timebound but the narrator had an incredibly annoying voice.

 photo 1_zps157efff8.png

Yes, you’re reading correctly. During the last few days “Booktube-A-Thon on the blog #yolo” became “We’re all old and don’t like the people hosting so we’re doing our own readathon aka #nonBTathon”.


 photo wyrdsis_zps21e2f409.jpg

Have been listening to this for about two hours now. I think I can get this done today. Actually, I have to if I want to keep on track. The plan is to read 193 pages a day and this morning I had about 220 pages to go in this. That would give me a bit of a cushion for tomorrow.

Okay, so my parents were here and I couldn’t read but now I’m back at it and have two hours left in my audiobook. I can do that today!

I finished Wyrd Sisters which adds up to a page count of 249 pages for today. That’s 56 more than planned. Good start!


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