[Weeviews] Threesome #1

Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin
 photo trenchcoat_zps9702cc4e.png photo trenchcoat_zps9702cc4e.png
It’s only 180 pages long. You’d think I could read that in one day. You thought wrong and so did I. This dragged on terribly and I can’t even say why. My best guess is that I was so annoyed by all the unnecessarily thrown in French words that my anger slowed me down. That is my number one pet peeve in books. The authors want to sound sophisticated and smart and authentic and they just achieve making me mad and sounding pretentious.
I only gave it two Mysterious Smoking Detective Guys In Trenchcoats because I made it through and I feared the wrath of my Goodreads friends who all loved it.

Let The Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist
 photo trenchcoat_zps9702cc4e.png photo trenchcoat_zps9702cc4e.png photo trenchcoat_zps9702cc4e.png photo trenchcoahalb_zps675ffc83.png
Holy crap, this was disgusting.
No, really. Imagine the most disgusting thing you can and then put paedophilia and a cat full of dead kittens on top of it.
It was an interesting take on vampires, though. I say I don’t like vampires but only because when people think of vampires their minds jump straight to those nice, attractive, vegetarian guys who sparkle or are Ian Somerhalder. I don’t like those, I like the real ones. Eli is a real one so that was fantastic.
I couldn’t put it down which usually indicates a higher rating but I’m also pretty squeamish and can’t bring myself to give higher ratings to books with this much paedophilia in it. Additionally the many redundant points of view bothered me. There were approximately seven and half of them were boring and didn’t add anything. Perfect proof for that is that they were left out of the (Swedish) film adaption and it worked wonderfully without them. That’s another thing: watch the Swedish film adaption, it’s amazing.

Dune by Frank Herbert
 photo trenchcoat_zps9702cc4e.png photo trenchcoat_zps9702cc4e.png photo trenchcoat_zps9702cc4e.png
The world is amazing.
The world building is amazing.
The Fremen are double amazing.
This whole book could’ve been amazing if it weren’t for Paul. Main character Paul. Special snowflake Paul. Gary Stu Paul…
I can deal with “the chose one” but what I cannot deal with is that one being able to do everything magnificently. Fighting better than the best fighters without training, obviously, being a better psychic witch than the psychic witches themselves and all that crap along those lines. I do realize that the Superspecial Savior of the Universe has to have some traits that tell him apart from the unworthy peasants that are all the people that are not him but come on…


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