[Check-In] December – Week 1

Let’s see what my December TBR looks like after one week.
Looking good! Mostly because you can’t see the ratings, though…

What If (dropped): This all goes over my head. I’m not a big enough nerd to understand the D&D references and I’m not smart enough to understand the science. I’m sure this is a great book for those who do get it.

Station Eleven (1.5 stars): I skimmed the second half and by that I mean I “read” 150 pages in 40 minutes. I was indifferent to everything and didn’t connect to even one character. Usually I have some kind of emotion towards people (= hate because that’s my default setting) but here: nothing. The plot was weak in those places where it actually existed and overall it was just meh (technical term).

Horrorstör (2.5 stars): Also meh. It started out funny and interesting because I’m a sucker for gimmicks but around the half-way point it all went downhill and became a run-of-the-mill predictable “horror” story. And the ending… Baaaah (Eloquence is my middle name)!

Hammered (2.5 stars): I’M SO SAD! I adored the first two books in this series and this one was simply disappointing. So boring, such a sausage fest and the only remotely interesting thing happened on the last ~5 pages. I have hope that the next one will be better. Especially because I think we’re done with Norse mythology.

The School For Good And Evil (4 stars): This started out horribly and I wanted to drop it right away. But I did start it right after the best book ever so that might’ve been unfair. I’m glad I kept going because Agatha rules! The last 25% became kind of stupid, though, and I may have to lower my rating.


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