FO Friday #1

FO as in “Finished Objects” not “Fuck Off” (Looking at you, Lisa!).

Didn’t get a lot of knitting done this week because sewing by hand takes so much time and the seams are still so crooked because my fine motor skills are the worst, THE WORST I TELL YOU!
But I did it, I finally finished my second ever sewing project and I’m so, so proud of it.

It’s adorable! And if you tell me otherwise I will probably start crying because I lost a lot of blood making it.

Yesterday the stuff I ordered ages ago arrived and I could finally make these progress markers.
They are banging, I love them so much! I’m thinking about maybe selling them but then I remember that making them is a lot cheaper than buying them. But maybe lazy people would want to purchase progress markers instead of making them themselves?
And yes, that is a pretzl. I’m German after all.

About six years ago I had the amazing idea to make earrings and sell them on Dawanda. I bought ALL the materials and then… lost interest. Well, that meant that I still had the materials and since the axes came in a pack of five I decided to dust them off (I don’t throw stuff away, I’m very close to the definition of “hoarder”) and make these.
I proudly presented them to a friend and she immediately said she wanted them. I don’t wear dangly earrings a lot so I was so gracious to say “okay”. I’m a saint.

In a fit of “Ah, you have nothing to blog about tomorrow” yesterday morning – before the mail with the progress markers materials arrived and before I was anywhere close to finished with the bag – I started a Barn Raising Square at the tram station. Can’t say that standing and being watched by strangers improved the experience of knitting twelve stitches on DPNs. Very fiddly stuff, starting a square.
I finished it last night because I spent the day sewing the bag and being excited about the progress markers.


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