WIP Wednesday #3

My bracelet and my Hannover socks are still WIPs but I haven’t touched them since last week so I don’t feel like I should post them again.

DSC_5941 Barn Raising Square

This is the eighth one. For such little things it’s taking me ages to make them!

DSC_5955 Hitchhiker

It’s slooooowly growing and I love it! The colours are great, I should pat myself on the back for choosing them. Doing 30min knitting sprints is fun.

DSC_5948 Cascade Kid Seta Cardigan

A friend of mine sent me a lot of yarn so I seized the opportunity and started my first cardigan. This is going to take forever! It’s looking pretty so far, right? RIGHT?!

DSC_5960 Caffeine Molecule

It’s looking similar to last week and that’s because I ripped it out and started again with another colour changing method. It’s looking worse now, fantastic. I may start over AGAIN, depending on my mood. At some other time… because right now I hate even looking at it.

I have to stop starting so many projects! I don’t even have enough project bags for all of this.
Happy knitting and CONSTANT VIGILANCE today!


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