FO Friday #3


DSC_5964 Barn Raising Squares

WHAT WHAT? Two squares? I’m on fire! I now have ten and the “blanket” is big enough to be a toilet seat cover.


My head is too big for hats, I think. I like this one but when I’m wearing it my head looks like a watermelon.

And that’s it. I’m working on too many projects at the same time, it takes forever to finish one. That’s why I decided to put food into these FO posts.
The first one is Straciatella:
… and it looks incredibly disgusting. It’s a symbol for all the meals I cook. They all look like they’ve been eaten at least once before.
To all the Americans who might be confused: that on the left is bread. Real bread. Toast isn’t bread.

I also made cookies with white chocolate and cranberries today because I usually buy them and they don’t seem too complicated to make. They’re delicious! Good job, me.

Have a nice weekend!


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