FO Friday #4

There was no WIP Wednesday this week because I haven’t worked on any of the projects from last week, so I could’ve just reposted last week’s entry. I was too nervous to do anything because I had a dentist’s appointment yesterday which was not fun and I knew that beforehand. <- Hello, it’s me, Julia from after the dentist’s appointment. I wrote that half an hour before the appointment and it really wasn’t that bad. I shouldn’t dabble in fortune telling.

Made a few bookmarks and the ugliest potholder in the world.



Those were the only two cotton yarns I had here. Will buy a few other ones soon because I got a voucher from the Easter bunny.

What’s the deal with knooking, by the way? It makes no sense to me. It looks like knitting but is far slower to do.

And since this is FO Friday: I finally finished Lost. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!

ETA: Again, since it’s FO Friday: I completed the 17kg today!


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