Dewey’s 24h Readathon – TBR

On Monday, when I said I’m only going to have one book on my TBR, I actually believed it. I believed I could stay reasonable this time.
Then I remembered that I am me and added nine more.
I am very aware that I will not be able to read all of them but maybe I can manage the first row. I’m already more than halfway through the first two. THIS IS DOABLE!


The Pretender – 75 p. left | Das Parfum – 75 p. left | Grip Of The Shadow Plague – 487 p. | The Thousand Names – 528 p.


The Tropic of Serpents – 331 p. | High Moor – 354 p. | The Good Nurse – 320 p. | Etiquette & Espionage – 307 p.


Fables #11 – 192 p. | Fables #12 – 192 p.

I’ve also signed up to be a cheerleader for the first time AND I’m looking to get a few teeth on the Hitchhiker done.


This isn’t going to be stressful at all! Now I have to go buy snacks and pizza so I won’t starve over the weekend (that is a real danger, now that I’ve lost 17.9kg *cough*).


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