Dewey’s 24h Readathon – Part 4


7 am

Started on page 192
Currently on page 256
64 pages to go

Still too many details but now I’m already almost done.
Charles Cullen is a very weird man…

Hot beverages: 4
Page count: 399
Cheer count: 7
Anything else?: I woke up one minute before my alarm at 4:59 am. I’ve been reading since. This readathon is going very smoothly so far.
And now excuse me while I drink about 84 cups of coffee.

7:30 am

Started on page 192

This was very meh. Only 320 pages but 200 too many.

Started on page 245
Currently on page 245
75 pages to go

Surprisingly enough I’m still enjoying it. Usually classics aren’t my jam, especially classics that are read in school, but this one is hilarious.

Hot beverages: 5
Page count: 463
Cheer count: 11
Anything else?: After the first coffee I’m starting to regain the strength in my arms, therefore I shall continue with the clothespin bag.


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