Dewey’s 24h Readathon – Wrap-Up


Read the last 75 pages.

This was one of the lesser traumatizing ones. Well, up until the end when I started crying my eyes out because TOBIAAAAAS!

Read the last 75 pages.

I don’t know how to deal with this. It was hilarious and ridiculous and so entertaining. It had everything from creepy children over grumpy old men reminding me of myself to SURPRISE orgies.

Read all 354 pages.

It was starting out well because I was expecting cheap, hilarrible horror but it went downhill when it became the Most Average Werewolf Book. And in the end it was just ripping out entrails and stuff. So boring.

Read all 320 pages.

This managed to be too long while only having 320 pages. It’s impressive, really.
There were so many details that were completely irrelevant. No one cares what kind of donuts the cops were eating, come on!

Read 142 pages.

I’d like to know what past-me was thinking when she put this on her wishlist. The main topic is war and there are only dudes in there, apart from a sudden lesbian scene.
That’s not what I read! WTF, past-me?

All in all I read 892 pages which is pretty good, considering I also slept, cooked, blogged, cheered and crafted. Next time I should pick better books because looking at this… it was meh.
This was my first time being a cheerleader and it didn’t go so well, I think. I cheered on eleven blogs because I rather read. I should feel bad because I read in another wrap-up post today “I visited 120 blogs”… Well… I’d like to be a cheerleader again in October but I don’t know if I’d do any better then.
At least I got the clothespin bag for a friend done.


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