FOs #6

It’s RUMS again and I have quite a few things to show that I made ONLY for me.

Let’s start with a bag that I made years (!) ago but never used because the strap was too short and stuff fell through the crochet holes.
I made the strap longer, sewed in a lining and a zipper. It’s a small bag so only the essentials fit.


Made a few bookmarks recently, mostly in the waiting room at the dentist and in The Chair while I was waiting for my freaking tooth to finally go numb.

It was my sister’s birthday two weeks ago and full disclosure: one of these was for her but the other ones are mine.

After endless weeks of starting and ripping and complaining I actually finally finished the Hannover socks. I love them but they were such a pain in the butt to make.


And last but not least I sewed a tiny bag to take one of my Barn Raising Squares with me. It even fits into the bag above when water, money, Kindle and phone are in there.
I’m really proud how consistent the stitches look. Sewing by hand is seriously difficult!




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