And back to English

As we all know, I’m a functioning adult which is why I built a blanket fort today.
In my defense: about seven of my Twitter darlings over the age of 25 joined me in doing so (in their respective homes, obviously, we don’t like spending time with people). In fact: it wasn’t even my idea. It just seemed like a good way to shut out the world and read middle grade books that conjure up disturbing images in your head because you’ve read the Wiki article about satyrs and now everything is ruined.

We’ve established: I’m a normal, non-obsessive adult, so I’ve been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack non-stop since Sunday. ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!hamilton
I don’t even like hip hop. Or American history, for that matter. But it’s so good! It’s on Spotify, you all have to listen to it. You can thank me later. (Side note: Daveed Diggs is ridiculously handsome, so watch some Hamilton videos on Youtube).

Now, everyone pat me on the back, because this was the most amazing segue in history.
I’ve put Alexander Hamilton – the book that inspired the musical – on my January TBR. You know what else is on that TBR? THIRTY-TWO OTHER BOOKS! I’ve gone mad and I must be stopped.
I’ve also created a (German) Goodreads group (the ugly cousin of a knitting group) in which we read awful books on purpose and whine about them, which means even more books for my January TBR. And possibly not a very merry Christmas for my family because this month we’re reading Throne of Glass. I haven’t even started yet and I’m already feeling stabby.

Speaking of feeling stabby…
I finished my first pair of fingerless gloves.
At some point I had two circular needles and two sets of DPNs in use and it was hell! But now I’ve gotten used to it and am actually having fun, so I started a second pair.12298880_1709064482658509_1357172037_n
I hope you have a great weekend, I really recommend blanket-forting. Very cozy to drink tea in there and read DISTURBING BOOKS! DAMN SATYRS!


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