Bout Of Books 15 – Masterpost


11:28 am: This is not working out at all! I’ve read 725 pages which is quite okay but I could’ve read more. Another thing is that Ravensbrück ist a really, really, really slow read because of all the German words. It just puts me off.

I’m currently reading Ravensbrück, Alexander Hamilton and Nexus.


6:46 pm: I finished Obsidian yesterday and it was not as awful as I had expected. Pretty sure I’m desensitized by The Mane Event. I’m in a well-timed reading slump because when if not during Bout of Books which you were looking forward to?


1:10 pm: I’ve now moved on to Ravensbrück and I have to vent about something:
I hate it when authors write a book in English but sprinkle in words from another language. It’s even worse when they write the foreign word and immediately translate it to English. WRITE IT IN ENGLISH IN THE FIRST PLACE!
This one has random German words and since I am German it’s not a matter of not understanding but of being taken out of the reading flow. It’s like reading my own tweets. I use English words when I forget the German ones and vice versa and that already annoys me then, even when I do it myself, so reading an 800-page like this on a very interesting and sad topic will be a challenge.


4:50 pm: Remember that Goodreads group I mentioned yesterday? We read two shitty books per month and this is the other one.
This year is not off to a good start, book-wise.
This has been described somewhere as “Twilight with aliens” and I can see it, although I’m not yet far enough to know what Daemon (yes, really, that’s his name) is, apart from super hot and super asshole-y.


2:29 pm: The Mane Event is the absolute worst. This is the unsexiest book I’ve ever read and I just want to punch people. (Good first sentence to start up BoB 15).

4:23 pm: I’M OUT! Finished the first story in that god-awful book but I can’t take it anymore. Alexander Hamilton it is.

10 pm: Finished Serafina and the whatever and I’m thoroughly disappointed. Which is annoying because I should’ve know better. Winners of the GR Choice Awards are never deserving. I hope tomorrow I’ll make better choices.


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