#24in48 – Day 2

9:00 pm:
I didn’t even make it to #12in48! 30 minutes shy of my secret goal, meh. But I made some progress on my sock, so there’s that.

12:00 am:
beneath the surface crenshawOkay, finished a book. Actually I finished two! Crenshaw was fine. Sad but not as heart-wrenching as The One And Only Ivan or some of the Animorphs-Books. That seems like an odd complaint but it just wasn’t was I was expecting and what I was in the mood for. It was fine, it just didn’t have “it”.
Beneath The Surface was Blackfish but longer. If you ever want to artificially inseminate a killer whale and need a step-to-step guide, read it but otherwise watch Blackfish. John Hargrove is in that as well and if you ever find a picture of his half Pit Bull, half Dalmatian Beowulf SEND IT TO ME!

08:00 am:
It would be physically possible to read 16 hours today to get to 24 but… nope. I need sleep, people!


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