Wrap-Up: January 2016

Pretty sure I won’t finish any book before Monday so I can post this already.

shadowandboneAbout: Some witch stuff happening in Russia and The Chosen One pining.
Opinion: We could’ve had it aaaaaaaaall but then you HAD to put a love triangle into your book, Leigh.
It makes me sad when good ideas turn into a romantic crapfest just because it’s YA. That’s the reason why I read so much non fiction and middle grade: no superfluous love stories.
Rating: 2/5 stars

spynessAbout: Minor royal tries to survive alone and without money in London and also solves a murder.
Opinion: In the beginning I thought I would like it. I liked Georgie and she seemed completely incompetent for… life in general without servants but she tried. The problem I had with this is that her clumsiness just started really bugging me about halfway through and there was virtually no plot to distract me from it.
Rating: 2/5 stars

serafinaAbout: Some dude is absorbing children and can utilize their abilities like totally playing the oboe. A mutant girl solves the mystery and saves the world. Or at least the village.
Opinion: It won some Goodreads Choice Award 2015 and that should’ve warned me off but I forget that every year and then I’m mad at myself for falling for it again.
It was boring and the mystery wasn’t that mysterious. You knew who the cloaked figure was almost right away.
Rating: 2/5 stars

obsidianAbout: Twilight but with aliens
Opinion: I can’t tell you how much I loathe “love stories” in which the two people absolutely hate each other and then somehow end up smooching.
I’ve been bitching about this so much already with the people with whom I suffered through this that I’m out of fucks to give so I’m just going to leave this here, it sums up the book perfectly:

Rating: 1/5 stars

crenshawAbout: Boy goes through some stuff so his imaginary friend from five years ago comes back to help him though it.
Opinion: I was thoroughly disappointed. I thought I was in for some gross sobbing and it was sad but not that heart-wrenching and it just confirmed that I really dislike children. The little sister was so annoying. Rationally I know that I should feel sorry for her and Jackson and if I were six years old I’d probably behave like that as well but that doesn’t make me like her more. And again: boring. Not a lot going on except for parents lying to children to “protect them” and children picking up on that because while incredibly annoying not all children have the perception of a piece of toast.
Rating: 2/5 stars

beneath the surfaceAbout: Sea World is awful, told from the perspective of someone who actually knows specifics.
Opinion: Blackfish but in far too long.
I still have nightmares about those people sexually violating the female whales in the name of “science”. It was so graphic and detailed that I feel confident that I could artificially inseminate an orca if I had to.
Made me hate humanity even more than I already do, not many things manage that.
Rating: 3/5 stars (watch Blackfish instead)

sexcriminalsAbout: People for which time stops when they climax.
Opinion: Was expecting more. I don’t know why but I did. It wasn’t bad, though.
I liked Suzie and I’m probably continuing with the series. I’m just glad I finally managed to read a comic book again, it has been a while.
Rating: 3/5 stars

radianceAbout: Arranged marriage between people of different races who think the other one is disgustingly ugly but they overcome that because what counts is the personality or something.
Opinion: It was not what I was expecting, I was pleasantly suprised. Ildiko wasn’t some clumsy idiot and Brishen wasn’t some rapey hypermasculine douchebag, you know: what couples in those romance books are usually like. There was also no “she was so gorgeous” every two sentences because they were repulsed by each other’s appearance and that was hilarious. They became friends first, then lovers. It was cute.
Rating: 2/5 stars (good for a book in this genre)

mane eventAbout: People fucking. I’m sure there was some other stuff going on but you would’ve miss that if you blinked for a second between all the fucking.
Opinion: IT SUCKED! SO MUCH! Here we had the idiot and the rapey douche I was talking about earlier.
There were two stories in this and I only read the first one before giving up.
Rating: dropped and still rated it a hateful 1/5 stars on Goodreads

ravensbrückAbout: The all-female concentration camp no one talks about.
Opinion: I’m so mad. I’m German so the ONLY topic in History we had was WW2 and that for about eight years, again and again. And this didn’t even come up once because women? Unimportant!
Unfortunately I couldn’t read this book because the way it was written infuriated me. One of my pet peeves is authors who use words from another language frequently for no reason. The point where I had enough was when she was using “Waschraum” and “Appellplatz” and “Lageraufseherin” all the time but then wrote “Nuremberg” (which is Nürnberg) and “Cologne” (which is Köln). If you use German words randomly at least write the ACTUAL names of the cities instead of the dumbed down English versions. UGH! Now I have to find another source for information about Ravensbrück.
Rating: dropped but feeling guilty about it

nexusAbout: Some drug. I didn’t even get that far as to understand what kind.
Opinion: Horny, young adults on drugs are everything I hate. So fuck this. I read like twenty pages and I was so excited in the beginning. Then I was confused, then pissed off.
I wanted to like it because the summary sounded interesting but then everyone was high and I have a problem with drugs. Not that I take them but I judge people who do.
Rating: dropped

girlwaitswithgunAbout: The first female sheriff.
Opinion: I was so bored. I made it to 25% and nothing had happened except men being dicks (nothing new there), the youngest sister being a spoilt brat and the oldest being a misanthropic and excentric pidgeon breeder which was cool. I almost kept reading for Norma. Almost.
Rating: dropped

bornwithteethAbout: Kate Mulgrew has sex with people.
Opinion: That’s not what I wanted to read about. I made it half-way through and by then she was still 24 and boning people. I mean YOU GO, GIRL but that’s not what I was here for.
No idea if she ended up marrying the Italian guy but I hope not, he seemed awful.
Rating: dropped

thefoldAbout: A new mode of transportation, sci-fi style.
Opinion (for now): It was going along smoothly and nicely, it was interesting but not a lot happened. Then there was tons of tech talk that I didn’t understand but then it continued averagely. At 36% you get punched in the face by plot. I really hope it keeps being interesting and won’t go back to being average.
Rating: currently reading

downtherabbitholeAbout: The Playboy Mansion is awful, told from the perspective of someone who actually knows specifics. (see what I did there?)
Opinion (for now): I feel so bad for Holly! Back in the day I watched The Girls Next Door and I liked her the most (probably mostly because compared to Kendra everyone would’ve seemed nice and intelligent). I haven’t read very far yet but she has already busted my prejudices about dyed blondes with fake boobs. She seems like a genuinely nice and smart person who was thrown into an awful situation and tried to make the best of it.
Also: I want to throw up thinking about what’s going on in that house.
Rating: currently reading

hamiltonAbout: The ten-dollar Founding Father without a father.
Opinion (for now): AHam was a bag of dicks and Chernow loves him. I mean come on: the women AHam cheated with were all “temptresses” and the cheating was Eliza’s fault in the first place because she was pregnant all the time. Class act, Chernow. This is a biography, try to be a bit more neutral. AHam was also totally into child labor. The more I read about him the more I dislike him which is probably a good thing since the musical is glossing over the fact that the Founding Fathers were all assholes.
I also need a musical about Peggy Badass Schuyler. Actually one musical per Schuyler sister, they rocked!
Rating: currently reading


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