Wrap-Up: February 2016

Opinion: I made it! I even finished it one week early. Still no idea how you can read this and think “RAP MUSICAL” but I’m not complaining.
This book made me love the Schuyler sisters even more – especially Eliza and Peggy – and really dislike AHam himself. He seemed to be such a piece of work, going on and on and on and ON about things, fighting everyone, even himself (Reynolds Pamphlet, anyone?!).
Reading the #HamALong posts by all these awesome ladies was much more entertaining than suffering through a super long love letter from Ron Chernow to Alexander No Chill Hamilton.
I recommend you just listen to the Cast Album over and over again. Much more entertaining and it has 100% more Daveed than this brick.

About: Life before, in and after the Playboy Mansion by the best 33% of The Girls Next Door.
Opinion: This was so sad. I feel really sorry for what Holly went through and I’m glad she’s happy now. Hugh Hefner and right after that Criss Angel, that poor woman!
She talked about the TV show and I started rewatching it to see if I can spot what she was talking about. It was fascinating to watch it with the knowledge of what went on behind the scenes.
If this book had stopped right after she left the mansion I would’ve given five stars but unfortunately it didn’t and I wasn’t interested in being told what a douche Criss Angel is. I already knew that.

About: Like… space and time travel and also giant grasshoppers fighting for world universe domination.
Opinion: It started out great and interesting, that held up until around the middle and then it was just a clusterfuck of weirdness. It lost me around 75%, I didn’t know what was going on anymore and quite frankly, I didn’t care anymore either. I clicked with none of the characters which I didn’t mind at first but in the end the deaths were just boring and I was glad when it was over.

all the birds2
About: Magic vs science
Opinion: This was stupid but it got an extra star just for that one guy who dreaded the apocalypse because in movies there’s always that one dude with an acoustic guitar and he HATES acoustic music. That’s also my main concern.
I also feel lied to by that synopsis. “A deeply magical, darkly funny examination of life, love, and the apocalypse.” more like MAINLY A LOVE STORY plus that one guy who hates acoustic music and there are also talking animals and that tree from Pocahontas.

About: How to not kill people.
Opinion: Shame. It was just not grabbing my attention enough. It wasn’t bad or anything but I didn’t learn anything new.
I hate saying this but I’ve learned all of this from TV shows already. Blood splatter? Dexter. Bugs? Bones. And so on.
This is probably super interesting for people who haven’t watched a lot of crime shows in their lives.

About: The king of the Satyrs raped three women, spawning three daughters and the protagonists of this series have to find those daughters and marry them because of some reasons I may have already forgotten.
Opinion: The first one was hilariously horrible. It was so bad but also weird and funny that it was enjoyable. This one was the opposite. This was the worst book I’ve read all year which doesn’t sound like much but I’ve only chosen really awful books so far, it’s ridiculous how bad my luck is but back to this book. It was so bad, I hated every second of it. I have to admit that I was kind of looking forward to it because the first one was fun but I was let down so hard!
I vowed to never continue the series but then I had questions that I need to get answers to (What about gay Satyrs? HOW DO THEY GET RID OF THEIR SECOND COCK ON THE FULL MOON?!) and now I’m currently reading Lyon. It does help that he’s the brother I liked best from the beginning.

About: A Hunger Games meets The Bachelor hybrid.
Opinion: This was actually okay, especially for YA. From now on I’m comparing YA with female MCs to Throne of Glass and that means that this one was a masterpiece. The eyeroll factor was surprisingly low and I may have laughed out loud once, might’ve been a cough, though…

About: The third (and best) brother finds his woman.
Opinion: So much better than Raine and Lyon’s woman, Juliette, may be the best of the sisters. But full disclosure: I don’t actually remember much of Jane and the first book but I remember very vividly what a horrible asshat Jordan is. I say, ditch that one and let Raine marry the surprise fourth sister who is also a horrible asshat but compared to Jordan quite nice.

About: Two survivors of a horrible crime tell their stories.
Opinion: To quote myself “Ugh, when you think Castro can’t possibly be more disgusting, he proves you wrong.” I cried a lot during the last pages, together with Amanda, Gina and Joe Biden. This was such a frustrating read because the authorities were SO CLOSE so many times! Castro was pulled over and arrested several times during these nine years, had people over and there was a police raid right next door. Let’s pretend I’d be strong enough to endure these horrors up to that point: I would’ve given up right then and there. That must’ve been absolutely awful to watch the police being so close. I admire these women for surviving a monster like that and going on with their lives. I hope they have happy lives now.


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