Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon Masterpost

14:00 (because in Germany we use military time)
I haven’t officially signed up because that usually means that I do literally anything to avoid reading. Taking it easy-breezy is something I haven’t tried yet in the – what feels like – decades of doing readathons. So I’m coasting along, lurking in the shadows (and the hashtag), and see if taking out the element of pressure (that I put on myself. Theoretically I know it’s not supposed to be taken too seriously but it’s what I do, it’s who I am) changes anything. That’s also why I don’t have a TBR, also a first. I’m going where the mood takes me and between you and me: that’s freaking me out. I like plans and knowing what to do, I’m German after all!
There are two books I’m currently reading and I’m going to keep reading them for now.

Let’s go!

I have no goals and am still failing. I went for a long walk and am listening to podcasts instead of reading. GREAT GOING, JULIA!
I did get out the Kindle at the lake today. For about four minutes and then it was too cold…
I know, it looks disgusting because but it tastes wonderful!
Seriously, though, I’m going to read now.

Listen, I lied. I didn’t go reading but I at least made it to 100 pages by the time I fell asleep. At 21:45, like the old person that I am. Two hours ago I woke up and I’ve been reading on and off since then so I’m hopeful that I’ll at least make it through the half-way point of Good Omens (currently at 38%). Yes, that is a laughably low expectation but one that might actually come true so… stop judging me!

We all know what happened. Made it to 45% because my download of Sims 2 finally finished (after three days!) and… well… So again: bad idea to set goals because I’m just disappointing myself.
In my defense: Good Omens is not a very engaging and thrilling page-turner.


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