#24in48 Masterpost

Day 2

2:30 p.m.
img_20170122_122234_538Everything started out great. Well, not great, I only read four hours on Friday but that meant that I only had ten hours each day for the rest of the weekend to go. After four hours yesterday suddenly doing dishes and working out and all that became more important than reading.
So now I have to read 14.5 hours in the remaining 9.5 hours of the day. Well, shit. I want to at least finish LOST AT SEA (96 pages left) and make that my new goal.

10 p.m.

lostatsea Plan: #24in72
Reality: #noteven12in72
WEEEEEELL, at least I read one whole book from start to finish (400pgs) and finished another (204pgs). Therefore I’ve read a whole lot more than on any other weekend, so I would call it a success anyway. On top of that I really, really enjoyed LOST AT SEA a lot.

Day 1

7:30 a.m.
Like I said, I’ve already started yesterday and was planning on reading eight hours each day. Managed four yesterday, great… So if I’m being realistic: 24 hours are not happening. But I’ll try.

Okay, listen. I have a lot of free time and the 20th is a horrible day, so I’m going to make it a #24in72. Since that would be a very lonely hashtag I’ll just keep the #24in48.



These have 1356 pages and if I read 60 pages/hour I could THEORETICALLY finish them in 22.5 hours.

Snacks & Meals

That’s the PLAN at least. I also have unhealthy junkfood but I want to make better decisions so I’m trying to be optimistic.
For lunch I’ve these two (1, 2) planned.


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