#24in48 Masterpost

Day 2

2:30 p.m.
img_20170122_122234_538Everything started out great. Well, not great, I only read four hours on Friday but that meant that I only had ten hours each day for the rest of the weekend to go. After four hours yesterday suddenly doing dishes and working out and all that became more important than reading.
So now I have to read 14.5 hours in the remaining 9.5 hours of the day. Well, shit. I want to at least finish LOST AT SEA (96 pages left) and make that my new goal.

10 p.m.

lostatsea Plan: #24in72
Reality: #noteven12in72
WEEEEEELL, at least I read one whole book from start to finish (400pgs) and finished another (204pgs). Therefore I’ve read a whole lot more than on any other weekend, so I would call it a success anyway. On top of that I really, really enjoyed LOST AT SEA a lot.

Day 1

7:30 a.m.
Like I said, I’ve already started yesterday and was planning on reading eight hours each day. Managed four yesterday, great… So if I’m being realistic: 24 hours are not happening. But I’ll try.

Okay, listen. I have a lot of free time and the 20th is a horrible day, so I’m going to make it a #24in72. Since that would be a very lonely hashtag I’ll just keep the #24in48.



These have 1356 pages and if I read 60 pages/hour I could THEORETICALLY finish them in 22.5 hours.

Snacks & Meals

That’s the PLAN at least. I also have unhealthy junkfood but I want to make better decisions so I’m trying to be optimistic.
For lunch I’ve these two (1, 2) planned.

Bout of Books 18 – Masterpost

Welp, this went horribly.
I read nothing at all all weekend, so overall I read 751 pages instead of the 3398 planned pages. Better than nothing, I guess.

wishfuldrinkingI finished another book and I was very disappointed. This was a lot of “My mother was so beautiful”, “My father was a douchebag”, “Did I mention my mother being beautiful?”. I realize this is just her one woman show transcribed and it didn’t work as a book. And Carrie Fisher is not as great of a writer as everyone has been trying to tell me.
I will miss her for her work regarding mental health and feminism but not for her writing and Star Wars…

All in all I’ve read 616 pages so far.


Let’s not talk about it.


10:53 Uhr
not-your-sidekick Only goal for the day is to finish this. There are 105 pages left so that seems doable. Right? RIGHT?! There’s a storm outside and I don’t have anywhere to be but on the other hand… Spontaneanation.
I’m also planning on doing a little cheering round today because some very nice people have been cheering me on, so I want to pay it forward.

21:45 Uhr
Finished NOT YOUR SIDEKICK, was very unimpressed. I had such high hopes…
But the picture I sent to a friend arrived and I can finally show it off. Took me seven hours and fifty minutes and it’s like 6cm x 7cm…
I read 107 pages today which makes 443 pages in total. My game needs to be upped.

22:30 Uhr
I couldn’t sleep so I started MURDER MOST UNLADYLIKE.
First page:
Aaaand dropped it immediately. Great stuff for a white person to tell short and Asian girls they can’t be heroines. So it stayed at 107 pages for the day.

12:52 Uhr (German time, mostly because I don’t know if noon is supposed to be 12 AM or PM)
All right, let’s do this!
I have my food, containing – and I quote – “finger-shaped potato dumplings” (or Schupfnudeln for the Germans), spinach, bacon, spring onions, feta and cream cheese. May not look like something you’d want to eat but it’s delicious.

And I have my book. I switched because the superhero YA was just too… YA.
I loooved Hyperion by Dan Simmons so much that this can only be a disappointment, although a yeti being the bad guy seems cool. So far (page 44) I’ve zoned out about half a dozen times because mountain climbing is hella boring.

19:46 Uhr
WELL, I’ve been reading THE ABOMINABLE for 154 pages and so far they’ve been talking about mountain climbing and practicing mountain climbing. Then there are Germans that say “Ja” and “Nein” in an English conversation which no German ever does but authors seem to think differently and also those Germans are nazis because of course.
They’re not even anywhere near Everest yet and therefore no yeti! I don’t think I can do this for another 500 pages. Dan Simmons, GIVE ME THAT YETI!

20:14 Uhr
I CAN’T! I can’t with all the technical talk about climbing. I don’t give a flying fuck about oxygen tanks and which kind of shoes lets you keep your toes.

20:48 Uhr

22:30 Uhr
I dropped it, just couldn’t do it anymore. Wasted 265 pages on this and had 400 more to go! I may or may not have peeked at Goodreads reviews and one guy said that they’ll only arrive on Everest around page 400… so… yeah…
All in all I read 274 pages which is pretty good, technically, but like I said: wasted. That’s almost a full book that could’ve counted towards my Goodreads goal. BLERGH!


not-your-sidekickThis whole “480 pages a day” thing is not going to work. I mean, I wasn’t counting on it but I didn’t think it would be that much of a disaster. 42 pages, FORTY-TWO, instead of 485!
My hot, passionate love for Spontaneanation is just too strong at the moment. And it’s much easier to do cross stitch while listening to a podcast because unfortunately I only have two hands and two eyes.
New goal: just beat whatever I read the day before… How sad.

Bout of Books 18 – TBR

The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda Shofner and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, January 2nd and runs through Sunday, January 8th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 18 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. – From the Bout of Books team

Hello, it’s me, Julia from the past. But later in the past than when I wrote this list. It’s not CLEAN SWEEP I’m reading, it’s ONE FELL SWEEP. It was past my usual bedtime, forgive me.

Challenge Sign Ups

Shelf Love Challenge 2017

I’m really bad at reading my own books so this year I’m trying my luck with this challenge. I choose level “31-40 books: regular date night with your shelves” since my overall goal will be around 80, so that’s half.
The limit for acquiring new books is one new one for each one read. We’ll see how that goes.

The Goodreads group Around The Year In 52 Books published a list of 52 topics and I’m going to try to somehow read a book for each one. My crystal ball is laughing at me…
I guess I should put the list somewhere so I can strike off the ones I’ve read… Listen, people, my blogginess is very rusty, I’m going to make shit up as I go along and until I find some sort of system and rhythm.

IMMA CLIMB MT. KILIMANJARO. Figuratively. Through books. Sixty books, to be exact.

My Soul Called Life

I’m losing my mind, I’m adding all the challenges!
This sounds actually quite fun and easy, at least at first glance. I hope it will be and I don’t actually have to read freaking Twilight in December because I’m unable to find anything else.

Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon Masterpost

14:00 (because in Germany we use military time)
I haven’t officially signed up because that usually means that I do literally anything to avoid reading. Taking it easy-breezy is something I haven’t tried yet in the – what feels like – decades of doing readathons. So I’m coasting along, lurking in the shadows (and the hashtag), and see if taking out the element of pressure (that I put on myself. Theoretically I know it’s not supposed to be taken too seriously but it’s what I do, it’s who I am) changes anything. That’s also why I don’t have a TBR, also a first. I’m going where the mood takes me and between you and me: that’s freaking me out. I like plans and knowing what to do, I’m German after all!
There are two books I’m currently reading and I’m going to keep reading them for now.

Let’s go!

I have no goals and am still failing. I went for a long walk and am listening to podcasts instead of reading. GREAT GOING, JULIA!
I did get out the Kindle at the lake today. For about four minutes and then it was too cold…
I know, it looks disgusting because but it tastes wonderful!
Seriously, though, I’m going to read now.

Listen, I lied. I didn’t go reading but I at least made it to 100 pages by the time I fell asleep. At 21:45, like the old person that I am. Two hours ago I woke up and I’ve been reading on and off since then so I’m hopeful that I’ll at least make it through the half-way point of Good Omens (currently at 38%). Yes, that is a laughably low expectation but one that might actually come true so… stop judging me!

We all know what happened. Made it to 45% because my download of Sims 2 finally finished (after three days!) and… well… So again: bad idea to set goals because I’m just disappointing myself.
In my defense: Good Omens is not a very engaging and thrilling page-turner.

Wrap-Up: February 2016

Opinion: I made it! I even finished it one week early. Still no idea how you can read this and think “RAP MUSICAL” but I’m not complaining.
This book made me love the Schuyler sisters even more – especially Eliza and Peggy – and really dislike AHam himself. He seemed to be such a piece of work, going on and on and on and ON about things, fighting everyone, even himself (Reynolds Pamphlet, anyone?!).
Reading the #HamALong posts by all these awesome ladies was much more entertaining than suffering through a super long love letter from Ron Chernow to Alexander No Chill Hamilton.
I recommend you just listen to the Cast Album over and over again. Much more entertaining and it has 100% more Daveed than this brick.

About: Life before, in and after the Playboy Mansion by the best 33% of The Girls Next Door.
Opinion: This was so sad. I feel really sorry for what Holly went through and I’m glad she’s happy now. Hugh Hefner and right after that Criss Angel, that poor woman!
She talked about the TV show and I started rewatching it to see if I can spot what she was talking about. It was fascinating to watch it with the knowledge of what went on behind the scenes.
If this book had stopped right after she left the mansion I would’ve given five stars but unfortunately it didn’t and I wasn’t interested in being told what a douche Criss Angel is. I already knew that.

About: Like… space and time travel and also giant grasshoppers fighting for world universe domination.
Opinion: It started out great and interesting, that held up until around the middle and then it was just a clusterfuck of weirdness. It lost me around 75%, I didn’t know what was going on anymore and quite frankly, I didn’t care anymore either. I clicked with none of the characters which I didn’t mind at first but in the end the deaths were just boring and I was glad when it was over.

all the birds2
About: Magic vs science
Opinion: This was stupid but it got an extra star just for that one guy who dreaded the apocalypse because in movies there’s always that one dude with an acoustic guitar and he HATES acoustic music. That’s also my main concern.
I also feel lied to by that synopsis. “A deeply magical, darkly funny examination of life, love, and the apocalypse.” more like MAINLY A LOVE STORY plus that one guy who hates acoustic music and there are also talking animals and that tree from Pocahontas.

About: How to not kill people.
Opinion: Shame. It was just not grabbing my attention enough. It wasn’t bad or anything but I didn’t learn anything new.
I hate saying this but I’ve learned all of this from TV shows already. Blood splatter? Dexter. Bugs? Bones. And so on.
This is probably super interesting for people who haven’t watched a lot of crime shows in their lives.

About: The king of the Satyrs raped three women, spawning three daughters and the protagonists of this series have to find those daughters and marry them because of some reasons I may have already forgotten.
Opinion: The first one was hilariously horrible. It was so bad but also weird and funny that it was enjoyable. This one was the opposite. This was the worst book I’ve read all year which doesn’t sound like much but I’ve only chosen really awful books so far, it’s ridiculous how bad my luck is but back to this book. It was so bad, I hated every second of it. I have to admit that I was kind of looking forward to it because the first one was fun but I was let down so hard!
I vowed to never continue the series but then I had questions that I need to get answers to (What about gay Satyrs? HOW DO THEY GET RID OF THEIR SECOND COCK ON THE FULL MOON?!) and now I’m currently reading Lyon. It does help that he’s the brother I liked best from the beginning.

About: A Hunger Games meets The Bachelor hybrid.
Opinion: This was actually okay, especially for YA. From now on I’m comparing YA with female MCs to Throne of Glass and that means that this one was a masterpiece. The eyeroll factor was surprisingly low and I may have laughed out loud once, might’ve been a cough, though…

About: The third (and best) brother finds his woman.
Opinion: So much better than Raine and Lyon’s woman, Juliette, may be the best of the sisters. But full disclosure: I don’t actually remember much of Jane and the first book but I remember very vividly what a horrible asshat Jordan is. I say, ditch that one and let Raine marry the surprise fourth sister who is also a horrible asshat but compared to Jordan quite nice.

About: Two survivors of a horrible crime tell their stories.
Opinion: To quote myself “Ugh, when you think Castro can’t possibly be more disgusting, he proves you wrong.” I cried a lot during the last pages, together with Amanda, Gina and Joe Biden. This was such a frustrating read because the authorities were SO CLOSE so many times! Castro was pulled over and arrested several times during these nine years, had people over and there was a police raid right next door. Let’s pretend I’d be strong enough to endure these horrors up to that point: I would’ve given up right then and there. That must’ve been absolutely awful to watch the police being so close. I admire these women for surviving a monster like that and going on with their lives. I hope they have happy lives now.

Wrap-Up: January 2016

Pretty sure I won’t finish any book before Monday so I can post this already.

shadowandboneAbout: Some witch stuff happening in Russia and The Chosen One pining.
Opinion: We could’ve had it aaaaaaaaall but then you HAD to put a love triangle into your book, Leigh.
It makes me sad when good ideas turn into a romantic crapfest just because it’s YA. That’s the reason why I read so much non fiction and middle grade: no superfluous love stories.
Rating: 2/5 stars

spynessAbout: Minor royal tries to survive alone and without money in London and also solves a murder.
Opinion: In the beginning I thought I would like it. I liked Georgie and she seemed completely incompetent for… life in general without servants but she tried. The problem I had with this is that her clumsiness just started really bugging me about halfway through and there was virtually no plot to distract me from it.
Rating: 2/5 stars

serafinaAbout: Some dude is absorbing children and can utilize their abilities like totally playing the oboe. A mutant girl solves the mystery and saves the world. Or at least the village.
Opinion: It won some Goodreads Choice Award 2015 and that should’ve warned me off but I forget that every year and then I’m mad at myself for falling for it again.
It was boring and the mystery wasn’t that mysterious. You knew who the cloaked figure was almost right away.
Rating: 2/5 stars

obsidianAbout: Twilight but with aliens
Opinion: I can’t tell you how much I loathe “love stories” in which the two people absolutely hate each other and then somehow end up smooching.
I’ve been bitching about this so much already with the people with whom I suffered through this that I’m out of fucks to give so I’m just going to leave this here, it sums up the book perfectly:

Rating: 1/5 stars

crenshawAbout: Boy goes through some stuff so his imaginary friend from five years ago comes back to help him though it.
Opinion: I was thoroughly disappointed. I thought I was in for some gross sobbing and it was sad but not that heart-wrenching and it just confirmed that I really dislike children. The little sister was so annoying. Rationally I know that I should feel sorry for her and Jackson and if I were six years old I’d probably behave like that as well but that doesn’t make me like her more. And again: boring. Not a lot going on except for parents lying to children to “protect them” and children picking up on that because while incredibly annoying not all children have the perception of a piece of toast.
Rating: 2/5 stars

beneath the surfaceAbout: Sea World is awful, told from the perspective of someone who actually knows specifics.
Opinion: Blackfish but in far too long.
I still have nightmares about those people sexually violating the female whales in the name of “science”. It was so graphic and detailed that I feel confident that I could artificially inseminate an orca if I had to.
Made me hate humanity even more than I already do, not many things manage that.
Rating: 3/5 stars (watch Blackfish instead)

sexcriminalsAbout: People for which time stops when they climax.
Opinion: Was expecting more. I don’t know why but I did. It wasn’t bad, though.
I liked Suzie and I’m probably continuing with the series. I’m just glad I finally managed to read a comic book again, it has been a while.
Rating: 3/5 stars

radianceAbout: Arranged marriage between people of different races who think the other one is disgustingly ugly but they overcome that because what counts is the personality or something.
Opinion: It was not what I was expecting, I was pleasantly suprised. Ildiko wasn’t some clumsy idiot and Brishen wasn’t some rapey hypermasculine douchebag, you know: what couples in those romance books are usually like. There was also no “she was so gorgeous” every two sentences because they were repulsed by each other’s appearance and that was hilarious. They became friends first, then lovers. It was cute.
Rating: 2/5 stars (good for a book in this genre)

mane eventAbout: People fucking. I’m sure there was some other stuff going on but you would’ve miss that if you blinked for a second between all the fucking.
Opinion: IT SUCKED! SO MUCH! Here we had the idiot and the rapey douche I was talking about earlier.
There were two stories in this and I only read the first one before giving up.
Rating: dropped and still rated it a hateful 1/5 stars on Goodreads

ravensbrückAbout: The all-female concentration camp no one talks about.
Opinion: I’m so mad. I’m German so the ONLY topic in History we had was WW2 and that for about eight years, again and again. And this didn’t even come up once because women? Unimportant!
Unfortunately I couldn’t read this book because the way it was written infuriated me. One of my pet peeves is authors who use words from another language frequently for no reason. The point where I had enough was when she was using “Waschraum” and “Appellplatz” and “Lageraufseherin” all the time but then wrote “Nuremberg” (which is Nürnberg) and “Cologne” (which is Köln). If you use German words randomly at least write the ACTUAL names of the cities instead of the dumbed down English versions. UGH! Now I have to find another source for information about Ravensbrück.
Rating: dropped but feeling guilty about it

nexusAbout: Some drug. I didn’t even get that far as to understand what kind.
Opinion: Horny, young adults on drugs are everything I hate. So fuck this. I read like twenty pages and I was so excited in the beginning. Then I was confused, then pissed off.
I wanted to like it because the summary sounded interesting but then everyone was high and I have a problem with drugs. Not that I take them but I judge people who do.
Rating: dropped

girlwaitswithgunAbout: The first female sheriff.
Opinion: I was so bored. I made it to 25% and nothing had happened except men being dicks (nothing new there), the youngest sister being a spoilt brat and the oldest being a misanthropic and excentric pidgeon breeder which was cool. I almost kept reading for Norma. Almost.
Rating: dropped

bornwithteethAbout: Kate Mulgrew has sex with people.
Opinion: That’s not what I wanted to read about. I made it half-way through and by then she was still 24 and boning people. I mean YOU GO, GIRL but that’s not what I was here for.
No idea if she ended up marrying the Italian guy but I hope not, he seemed awful.
Rating: dropped

thefoldAbout: A new mode of transportation, sci-fi style.
Opinion (for now): It was going along smoothly and nicely, it was interesting but not a lot happened. Then there was tons of tech talk that I didn’t understand but then it continued averagely. At 36% you get punched in the face by plot. I really hope it keeps being interesting and won’t go back to being average.
Rating: currently reading

downtherabbitholeAbout: The Playboy Mansion is awful, told from the perspective of someone who actually knows specifics. (see what I did there?)
Opinion (for now): I feel so bad for Holly! Back in the day I watched The Girls Next Door and I liked her the most (probably mostly because compared to Kendra everyone would’ve seemed nice and intelligent). I haven’t read very far yet but she has already busted my prejudices about dyed blondes with fake boobs. She seems like a genuinely nice and smart person who was thrown into an awful situation and tried to make the best of it.
Also: I want to throw up thinking about what’s going on in that house.
Rating: currently reading

hamiltonAbout: The ten-dollar Founding Father without a father.
Opinion (for now): AHam was a bag of dicks and Chernow loves him. I mean come on: the women AHam cheated with were all “temptresses” and the cheating was Eliza’s fault in the first place because she was pregnant all the time. Class act, Chernow. This is a biography, try to be a bit more neutral. AHam was also totally into child labor. The more I read about him the more I dislike him which is probably a good thing since the musical is glossing over the fact that the Founding Fathers were all assholes.
I also need a musical about Peggy Badass Schuyler. Actually one musical per Schuyler sister, they rocked!
Rating: currently reading

#24in48 – Day 2

9:00 pm:
I didn’t even make it to #12in48! 30 minutes shy of my secret goal, meh. But I made some progress on my sock, so there’s that.

12:00 am:
beneath the surface crenshawOkay, finished a book. Actually I finished two! Crenshaw was fine. Sad but not as heart-wrenching as The One And Only Ivan or some of the Animorphs-Books. That seems like an odd complaint but it just wasn’t was I was expecting and what I was in the mood for. It was fine, it just didn’t have “it”.
Beneath The Surface was Blackfish but longer. If you ever want to artificially inseminate a killer whale and need a step-to-step guide, read it but otherwise watch Blackfish. John Hargrove is in that as well and if you ever find a picture of his half Pit Bull, half Dalmatian Beowulf SEND IT TO ME!

08:00 am:
It would be physically possible to read 16 hours today to get to 24 but… nope. I need sleep, people!

#24in48 – Day 1

10:00 pm:
Well… that was more than I thought I’d get done but it also means that I won’t get to 24 hours. I’m not reading 16 hours tomorrow!

12:00 am:
Not off to a good start. I got out of bed later than I wanted to because I – again – only slept three hours last night. The twelve hours aren’t happening today, I think, because I keep changing the media. Knitting and audiobook, Hamilton cast album and ebook and then I suddenly end up with knitting and the Hamilton cast album and no book.

06:00 am:
I’m so prepared:

I’m going to color in how many hours I’m reading today and hopefully I’ll somehow get to 12 which I doubt but I’m trying to be unrealistic optimistic.

There’s no plan yet regarding how often I’m going to update this entry, it’ll be a surprise to us all.

Bout Of Books 15 – Masterpost


11:28 am: This is not working out at all! I’ve read 725 pages which is quite okay but I could’ve read more. Another thing is that Ravensbrück ist a really, really, really slow read because of all the German words. It just puts me off.

I’m currently reading Ravensbrück, Alexander Hamilton and Nexus.


6:46 pm: I finished Obsidian yesterday and it was not as awful as I had expected. Pretty sure I’m desensitized by The Mane Event. I’m in a well-timed reading slump because when if not during Bout of Books which you were looking forward to?


1:10 pm: I’ve now moved on to Ravensbrück and I have to vent about something:
I hate it when authors write a book in English but sprinkle in words from another language. It’s even worse when they write the foreign word and immediately translate it to English. WRITE IT IN ENGLISH IN THE FIRST PLACE!
This one has random German words and since I am German it’s not a matter of not understanding but of being taken out of the reading flow. It’s like reading my own tweets. I use English words when I forget the German ones and vice versa and that already annoys me then, even when I do it myself, so reading an 800-page like this on a very interesting and sad topic will be a challenge.


4:50 pm: Remember that Goodreads group I mentioned yesterday? We read two shitty books per month and this is the other one.
This year is not off to a good start, book-wise.
This has been described somewhere as “Twilight with aliens” and I can see it, although I’m not yet far enough to know what Daemon (yes, really, that’s his name) is, apart from super hot and super asshole-y.


2:29 pm: The Mane Event is the absolute worst. This is the unsexiest book I’ve ever read and I just want to punch people. (Good first sentence to start up BoB 15).

4:23 pm: I’M OUT! Finished the first story in that god-awful book but I can’t take it anymore. Alexander Hamilton it is.

10 pm: Finished Serafina and the whatever and I’m thoroughly disappointed. Which is annoying because I should’ve know better. Winners of the GR Choice Awards are never deserving. I hope tomorrow I’ll make better choices.